The Municipal Court provides facilities for the handicapped and the hearing impaired.

The Municipal Court accepts credit card payments at the pay window and on-line at

You may also pay your parking and traffic tickets by visiting: NJ Judiciary Courts

Filed and heard at the Municipal Court of Secaucus are all traffic violations, and town ordinance and disorderly persons offenses that occur within the town.

State Police, Hudson County Sherriff’s Office, Marine Police, Office of Weights and Measures, Transit Police, Conrail Police, and The Department of Fish and Game are also issuing agencies.

Serious offenses (indictable) are filed with the town and then transferred to the Hudson Country Prosecutor’s Office.

The Municipal Court is completely automated (ATS, ACS) with the State of New Jersey. The Police Department has access to information within the automated system. The ATS/ACS system is directly linked to the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles, and all records can be accessed through this system.


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Contact Information:

Court Administrator:
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Town Hall
1203 Paterson Plank Road, 1st Floor
Secaucus, NJ 07006-4213

Tel: (201) 330-2065
Fax: (201) 319-9024

Hours of Operation:
Monday–Friday: 9am-4pm

Court Sessions:
Tuesday at 9:30am
Tuesday at 12:30pm
Wednesday at 5:30pm
Every other Wednesday at 9:30am